Experts Are Calling This Gadget
"A Life-Saver" For Drivers

By Shaun Thomas

If, like me, you spend a lot of your time driving, meeting friends for a coffee, dropping the kids at school, or just going to the grocery store, then you'll know how irritiating it is when you get in the car and all of a sudden the dashboard is flashing red and beeping at you. Is there something wrong with the engine? Does the car need a service? What if I told you there's a new gadget that can tell you exactly what's wrong with your car, before you go to the mechanic?

So, What Exactly Is It?

The device is called Fixd - and it's brilliant! It's a small gadget you put in your car which gives you real-time, easy-to-understand updates about your car’s health right on your phone. Designed by a team of expert U.S. mechanics, the small device acts like a "Health Monitor" for your car. It could save you thousands of dollars of costly car repairs.

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What Can Fixd Do:

What People Say About It

As you'd expect, the reviews for Fixd are amazing. With thousands of satisfied customers all over America, people are quickly realising that Fixd is the "car diagnostic" solution they've always been looking for. Just read some of the great reviews below to see how other customers loved their Fixd:

Popped it in and worked as expected. I bought this because I have a relatively older vehicle and paying to have someone diagnose a check engine light seems silly. With this plugged in, I can see what the problem is and determine whether it needs to go in for repairs. That's worth the price for me. Cherian K

Great functionality, it gives you the detailed description of the problem and let you reset the indication light, it also recognize your car model, year and maker, and gives you the recommemded service per milage. Daniel P

Exactly what I wanted. Easy and simple. Just plugged it in and downloaded the app. I have an older car so this will help me get even more miles out of it cause it tells you exactly what’s wrong and you can keep track of maintenance way easier. Addison W


To summarise: Fixd could be an automotive game changer. Whether you drive regularly, or just at weekends, with Fixd you never need to worry about car problems again (or dodgy mechancis trying to rip you off!) as Fixd will tell you if there are any issues with your car and when you need to get it checked.

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